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PURA started as early as 1908 when the company was still a letterpress printing shop. Then in 1970, the third generation initiated a steady movement to develop the company into the renowned Pura Group, a modern corporation as we see today. PURA has been living the philosophy of producing special innovative products as import substitute for local market and export commodity for international market. After more than four decades, PURA now has become an expansive industrial group built on over 120-hectare area, exporting products to more than 100 countries.

We are private-owned company with the most patents in Indonesia. PURA has registered many of its innovations into more than 200 patents and more coming in the future.

PURA's wide arrays of products support people activities in personal, professional, and industrial scope. Find more about our complete product range here.

Our team is living a culture where we are performing continuous innovation and ongoing
breakthroughs in every division of the company.


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Since 1970 PURA has added many more business units. Our growth is always interrelated, strengthening existing business
units, creating synergy to our efficiency and competitiveness.


Pura's persistence in the business has brought Pura Group as the first producer of a wide variety of products Indonesia, Southeast Asia, even the world.

Pura is the first company in the world to pioneer the following field:

  • Scratch Hologram for prepaid cellular phone card.
  • Direct hologram application on aluminum sheet for blister pack medication packaging.
  • Longest Chili Preservation System with Controlled Atmosphere Storage (CAS).

The first company outside United States of America to pioneer:

  • The production of Homogenized Tobacco Leaf (HTL), for cigarette paper substitute, cigar wrapper and binder.

The first company in tropical countries to manage:

  • The production of carbonless copy paper or Non-Carbon Required (NCR) paper production.

The first company in Southeast Asia to manage:

  • Security Paper and Banknote Paper production.
  • Integrated Anti-counterfeiting system (Total Security System) production.
  • Hologram production
  • Hot Stamping Foil production.
  • Solar Window Film for automobiles and buildings construction (the first and only one in Southeast Asia).
  • Reconstituted Tobacco Leaf (RTL) production (the first and the only one in Southeast Asia).
  • Colored Cigarette Paper production.
  • Gummed Paper/Stamp paper production.
  • Black Insert Paper production.
  • Laser Perforation Machine for Cigarette Tipping Paper production.
  • Melamine Decorative Paper production for coating particle board in furniture industry.
  • Microcapsule production (the raw material for carbonless paper/NCR manufacturing).

The first company in Indonesia to manage:

  • Electronic Smart Card production.
  • Fluorescent paint production for road and airport runway.
  • PET Tube Lid and Tube Pack production for liquid medicine packaging.
  • Solar-powered water purifier production.
Pura Group now has more than 190 patents, the company having the most patents in Indonesia.

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