Total Security System

Total Security System (TSS) is a printing division in PURA providing the most comprehensive, One-Stop Security solution for document and product protection from forgery and fraudulence. PURA INTEGRATED SECURITY SYSTEM protection includes Security Paper, Security Hologram, Security Printing, Smart Technology, Security Thread, Security Chemicals, Security Ink, and other security features. *)

We are honored to have assisted governments such as Rwanda and Indonesia in tax stamps printing. We have also supplied both the country of Nepal and El Salvador with passports. It has been a delight for us to complete these projects and many other prestigious ones.

*) Besides being integrated in a complete security product, Pura security features can also be obtained separately.


security printing(Security Document and Packaging / Brand Protection)

Some of our Security printing products:

  • Passport and Visa
  • Gift Voucher/Gift Certificate
  • Excise or Tax Stamp
  • Election Ballot
  • Certificate & Diploma
  • Prepaid Scratch Card for prepaid phone card and gaming voucher
  • Continuous Form Document
  • Promotional Media
  • Security Packaging
  • Book Products (Textbooks, Government issued License books)
  • Cheque
  • Specialty Printing – any type of document required by customers
  • passport

  • tax stamp

  • uv ink & UV Fiber application on certificate

  • passport security printing combining hologram overlay

  • hot stamping hologram application on visa

  • hologram stripe application on ballot paper

security hologram

Pura has received 9 holography Awards from IHMA (International Hologram Manufacturers Association) which makes Pura among the best holographers in the world. Equipped with the latest Computer Generated Hologram Master Origination, Pura is confident to support high security product for our customers' business lines. Among our latest hologram development includes our commitment in supporting high security products as follows:

  • Hologram overlay for passport and ID Cards
  • Car Windshield sticker


As one of the most innovative hologram manufacturer in South East Asia, Pura integrates holograms into security threads. By producing Security Thread, Pura Group shows our commitment to reduce circulation of illegal and unregulated documents to various countries worldwide. Security Thread is one solution that Pura offers to secure banknote paper and documents such as passport and certificate.

  • security THREAD applicable ON BANKNOTE and documents


Brand Solution

Pura offers integrated solutions for product authentication with various options of security features. With years of experiences in assisting and developing the need of government and private institutions, Pura is confident to provide further assistances and services regarding hologram and its application. Our products include:

  • Self Adhesive Label
  • Seal Liner
  • Hologram Security Seal
  • Gift Voucher
  • Fabric Hologram
  • Decorative Holographic Wrapper Film
  • Tea Pack
  • Tear Tape
  • tamper-evident hologram seal

  • shrink sleeves