Rotogravure Printed Packaging

Rotogravure Printing Division was established in 1973 as a leading supplier of packaging products to pharmaceutical industry and materials to printing industry.

PURA’s Rotogravure produces Multilayer Printed Packaging for an abundant range of products. Our multilayer packaging is laminated with a unique method (extrusion or dry lamination) using a transparent film (cellophane, polyester, polypropylene, polyamide), aluminum foil, paper and food grade resin. Our multilayer packaging is also processed with a special method to prevent counterfeiting, such as security printing, security stamping foil and hologram.

Pura Group Rotogravure printing division also has ISO 22000:2005 certification for food safety systems and ISO 9001:2008 for quality management system.

Pura Group has been trusted by distinguished clients from domestic to multinational  corporate, such as:

PT Actavis PT Morinaga Kino
PT Aventis Pharma PT Nestlé Indonesia
PT Benihinti Suburintani / PT. Tanindo Subur Prima PT Nikki Super
PT Bina Karya Prima PT Nojorono, Kudus
PT Bintang Toedjoe PT Novartis Biochemie 
PT Bristol Myers Squibb Indonesia, Tbk. PT Nutricia Indonesia Sejahtera
PT Ceres PT Perfetti Van Melle Indonesia
PT Darya Varia Laboratoria / Unilab Philippines PT Pertiwi Agung
PT Deltomed Laboratories PT Pfizer Indonesia
PT Dexa Medica / PT. Ferron Par Pharmaceutica PT Phapros
PT DuPont Agricultural Product Indonesia PT Pharos Indonesia
PT Gelora Djaja PT Sanbe Farma
PT Indofarma PT Santos Jaya Abadi
PT Integrated Healthcare Indonesia PT Soho Industri Pharmasi
PT Kimia Farma PT Tempo Scan Pacific
PT Mayora Indah PT Wilmar Nabati Indonesia


multi layer packaging

Commonly used for: 

  • Medicines and herbal products.
  • Agricultural and dairy products.
  • Sweets and snacks, container seal, films, household goods, bags and pouches, toothpaste tubes and wrapping material.
  • Strip and blister, bag, catch covers, leaflets and folding boxes.

multi-layer flexible packaging

Our multi-layer flexible packaging features protective barrier, unique printing, lamination (extrusion or dry-lamination), transparent film (cellophane, polyester, polypropylene, polyamide), aluminum foil, paper, and food-grade resin.

Multi-layer flexible packaging is widely used on various products such as:

  • Drugs and herbal medicine 
  • Agricultural and dairy products 
  • Milk powder pouch
  • Standing pouch for cooking oil
  • Coffee Sachet
  • Chili Sauce Sachet 
  • Sachets for powder and liquid material
  • Instant noodles cup seals
  • Biscuit, snacks, container seals, films, household goods, bags and pouches, tooth-paste tubes, wrapping materials, etc. 
  • Strip and blister packaging, bag, catch cover, leaflet, and folding box. 

All Multi-layer flexible packaging can also include anti-counterfeiting features such as Security Printing, Security Stamping Foil, and Hologram.

folding box & cigarette packaging

Folding Box is used to pack wide range of products, such as:

  • Medicines and herbal products
  • Cosmetics 
  • Food and beverage items 
  • Toothpaste box packaging  
  • Cigars and cigarettes

Production process in Folding Box and Cigarette Packaging sub-division is equipped with flat bed and rotary die-cutter for effective cutting.

Exclusive for Cigarette Packaging, PURA manufactures:

  • Soft Pack
  • Hard Pack / Hinge Lid Package
  • Inner Wrapper, Inner Frame and Display Outer (Cigarette Carton)
  • Outer Wrapper, End Label