Tobacco Industry Material

PURA GROUP also produces various special products to support tobacco industry, namely Homogenized Tobacco Leaf Wrapper, Cigarette Tipping Paper, Colored Cigarette Paper, and Cigarette Packs.


homogenized tobacco leaf

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf (HTL) is tobacco-based product that is produced through paper making process. This process transforms tobacco leaves into usable paper sheets. Derived from natural tobacco, HTL has genuine tobacco flavor and aroma. In tobacco industry, HTL can be used to substitute cigarette paper and tobacco leaf binder on cigars. Our HTL range is HTL Wrapper for outer layer of cigar or little cigar and HTL Binder for inner layer of cigar, binding tobacco filler.

Pura Group is the first Homogenized Tobacco Leaf producer in the world outside USA.

Benefits of Pura HTL:

  • Using natural tobacco as main raw material, Pura HTL gives rich and genuine tobacco taste and flavor in the cigarette products.
  • Higher tensile strength compared to Homogenized Tobacco Leaf made by casting process
  • Controlled sheet properties likes substance, air permeability, color, moisture content
  • Less pretreatment and easier storage

cigarette tipping paper

PURA GROUP can supply all your Cigarette Tipping Paper needs for your luxurious cigarette design, with various special effects through application of special ink, individual hologram design, stamping foil with specific color, and many more.

Cigarette Tipping Paper (in white or yellow 32-39 gsm paper), can be made with perforation to reduce tar and nicotine intake. Using micro technology and the CO2 electrostatic laser perforation PURA produce guaranteed high quality cigarette tipping paper.

Cigarette Tipping Paper is often added with sweeteners, flavorings with special lip-release coating so the tipping paper cannot easily be torn. For exclusive appearance, it can also be added with special pearlescent ink to the printing (logo or letter) as well as enhanced with hot stamping foils.

colored cigarette paper

Instead of conventional white cigarette paper, we provide alternative colored cigarette paper such as in black, brown, blue, and pink for exclusive brand identity and product character.

cigarette packaging

Exclusive for Cigarette Packaging, PURA manufactures soft pack, hard pack / Hinge Lid Pack, inner wrapper, inner frame, display outer (cigarette carton), outer wrapper, and end label.

These cigarette-exclusive packaging can also be added with special printing, stamping foil, or hologram.