As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Program, Pura also conducts various community and environmental development programs.

20 March 2017

Pura Terampil

is a training program for mothers and female teenagers who want to learn skills with marketable values, such as skills in foodservice.

Initially, this activity was designated for stay-at-home wives of PURA’s employees. However, due to the high interest from the community, classes are now open to public.

The products from this training will be sold during bazaars or by orders managed by PURA to help community welfare.

This program includes:

  • Giving trainings to empower household economy, such as cookies-making, flower decoration making, and other handicrafts.
  • Marketing the products created by pre-order system

20 April 2017

Pura Peduli

is a CSR activity concerning nature preservation.

PURA joins Green Muria Consortium (Konsorsium Muria Hijau - with environment-concerned companies in Kudus as the members) guided by Central Java Government to preserve Mount Muria--the water source for Kudus, Jepara, Pati, and the people within Muria region.

The members of the Consortium help actualizing Kampung Iklim (Climate-Smart Village) in Hadipolo Village, Jekulo District. The objective of Kampung Iklim is to increase people’s awareness of better environmental management, including utilizing waste as value-added, environmental-friendly products.

Activities in Pura Peduli include:

  • Water shortage support during dry season.
  • Flood and landslide prevention during rainy season.
  • Aids for earthquakes and other natural disasters.
  • Various community activities during religious holidays and Indonesian Independence Day.
  • Health support programs.
  • Participating establishment of Kampung Iklim in Kudus Regency, following other cities in Provincial and National levels.
  • Executing activities to support the reduction of greenhouse gas emission in reducing global warming effects.
  • Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises support by providing raw materials from production leftover, for example: plastic leftover for craftsmen in Kudus Regency.

20 March 2017

Pura Pintar

is a supporting activity for students in Pura Group area in forms of tutoring class with material suitable for the needs and potentials of the children in the local communities.

For instance:

  • Giving trainings and tutoring for the students in Terban village. This activity is done regularly with guidance from the teachers and tutors.
  • Non-formal education package for drop-outs and students who have not graduated from Elementary School.

20 March 2017

Pura Cerdas

is PURA GROUP’s program to support the educational continuity of the employees’ children and the children in need in Kudus Regency.

This program aims to ensure that the young generation receives the education they deserved regardless their family’s economic condition.

This program is exemplified in activities such as:

  • Awarding scholarships from Elementary School up to University level for employees’ children.
  • Donating school supplies for orphans through Islamic Boarding Schools where they study.

20 April 2017

Pura Ramah

is a CSR activity in waste recycling.

This activity includes:

  • Complying to ISO 14000 as the guide for Environmental Management System.
  • Using environment-friendly technology to process liquid waste, air emission, and cooperating with third parties to utilize hazardous and poisonous materials based on the regulation.
  • Following the Program for Environmental Performance Rating by the Ministry of Environment and achieved the BIRU rank (complying to regulation).
  • Utilizing the waste for economic-valued products to empower people’s economy. The activity is done through the making of chipboard paper and core lid.
  • Providing trainings in utilizing domestic waste with economic value such as used packaging and organic fertilizer making.
  • Participating in Green School (Sekolah Adiwiyata) activities to promote environment preservation education for youths.
  • Supporting Adipura (Awards for City Environment Management) in Kudus Regency by preparing recycle bins to sort organic and non-organic waste.
  • Fostering PROKLIM (Program Kampung Iklim / Ecovillage). We have been awarded as national scale pioneer for Kampung Iklim program in 2016.

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