PURA GROUP performs environmental management and control as a part of the integrated Management System. Environmental Management implements the Quality Management System and monitors the regulation obedience, encompassing:

  • Complying ISO 14000 as the guide for Environmental Management System practice.
  • Preventing water, air, and land pollution with the appropriate system and technology for the materials used in the process. For instance, the use of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in managing the liquid waste in Liquid Waste Processing Installation; and the usage of Electrostatic Precipitator in preventing air pollution from coal combustion in PURA’s Power Plant.
  • Hazardous and Poisonous Waste Processing and establishing cooperation with a third party to treat unmanageable hazardous and poisonous waste.
  • Organizing and managing green working environment.

PURA GROUP also conducts various environment preservation activities as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program such as disaster aid, community training for environment & waste management, etc.